Radiographic evaluation of crestal bone levels of delayed implants at medium-term follow-up.

PURPOSE: The aim of this study was to evaluate the radiographic bone level changes after delayed implant placement at medium-term follow-up, with three elements kept constant: keratinized gingiva thickness, implant axes perpendicular to the opposing occlusal surface, and implants with a collar of 2 mm.

Localized management of sinus floor technique for implant placement in fresh molar sockets.

BACKGROUND: The use of osteotome for vertical bone augmentation and localized sinus elevation with minimal surgical trauma represents a suitable procedure to increase the vertical dimension of available bone for implant placement.

Bone regeneration in the edentulous ridge expansion technique: histologic and ultrastructural study of 20 clinical cases.

The edentulous ridge expansion (ERE) technique is a partial-thickness flap procedure for implant surgery that was developed in 1986. The ERE technique permits the use of osseointegrated implants at sites whose minimal orofacial dimensions are insufficient for traditional implant surgery.

Localized management of sinus floor with simultaneous implant placement: a clinical report.

Localized management of sinus floor (LMSF) achieves implant placement and sinus lifting simultaneously. LMSF is a further application of the principles of the edentulous ridge expansion (ERE) technique.

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